Basic Guide

Get Started!

If you're reading this, it probably means you want to learn how to use the bot. Let's dig in!

First of all, you need to add your clan to the server. That will allow the bot to know about your clan.
For safety reasons, we only allow verified clan Leaders/Co-Leaders to add the clan to the server. So let's get verified using the /verify command and a Player API Token that can be found in the Game settings.

Once you're verified, you can use any of the following /setup commands to add your clan.

Link Player or Clan to a User

While you run our commands, the bot might ask you to enter the tag. That's annoying, right? Here comes the /link command that links a default clan/player to a user and allows you to run commands without entering a tag.

Auto Roles
/autorole enableco-leads: @Co-Leaderelders: @Eldermembers: @Member

Automatically assign roles to members based upon their clan role.

Clan Feed
/setup enableoption: Clan Feedtag: #2PP

Clan member Join/Leave Log and Flagged or Banned Player alert system.

War Feed
/setup enableoption: War Feedtag: #2PP

A Self-updating embed that shows Live War updates, Stats, Recent attacks and Missed attacks.

Last Seen
/setup enableoption: Last Seentag: #2PP

A Self-updating embed that shows the Last Seen of clan members.

Clan Embed
/setup enableoption: Clan Embedtag: #2PP

Live updating clan promotional embed for recruitment purposes and quick reference to your members.

Clan Games
/setup enableoption: Clan Gamestag: #2PP

A Self-updating embed that shows the Clan Games points.

Donation Log
/setup enableoption: Donation Logtag: #2PP

Logs donations and receives in a Discord channel.

Disable Feature/Remove Clan
/setup disableoption: <option>tag: #2PP

Disable a feature or delete your clan.
To remove a clan from the server, select the option Remove Clan.